One Stop Order Processing
One Stop Order Processing for Ebay, Amazon, RomanCart, SellerDeck/Actinic, CubeCart, Rakuten, eBid, ekmPowershop, Magento, Pinnacle Cart, Shopify, Actinic Online/Oxatis, osCommerce, X-Cart, CRE Loaded, Interspire and other Systems, Mail Order and Telephone Sales

Downloading Orders from osCommerce/CRE Loaded

1 Make sure that you have installed the additional software required on your osCommerce/CRE Loaded website. For more information click here.

Login into your website in the my_admin folder (e.g.

3 For osCommerce following the instructions below. For CRE Loaded following the instructions in the CRE Loaded section.


Click on the One Stop Order Processing link at the bottom on the left hand side, shown below:

CRE Loaded

Select the One Stop Order Processing menu option (under the Customers/Orders menu option), shown below:

4 Select the range of orders to retrieve details for and click on the Export button (shown below):

4 Select Save (shown below) and save the file to C:\Downloads.

You are now ready to import the orders into One Stop Order Processing.

Other information
One Stop Order Processing assumes an order that is not paid for has an order status of Pending. If you don't use Pending as the paid for status change the value in the Options on the Import dialog.

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